A true experience of mine which resonates with you.

Some years ago, I was a newbie in internet marketing exploring various websites and forums, to find a legit and genuine method of making money and probably you are in that situation today.

Being free, fulfilled, contented and living the life you’ve always dreamed of, is always fantastic and charming but the question arises here… Are you pumped up and ready for a change (infact, a challenge)!

how to make money blogging

Achieving a dream requires lot of dedication, a passion to persevere and consistency to constant success. Isn’t?

Making money online is not just about making money.

You need money to survive in this society of ours.

Money is a necessity but do not allow it to be your weakness.

You should create a situation where money keeps looking for you and not you keep looking for money.

Let money chase you. Is it possible?

Yes, it is possible and it has happened to many other marketers including me.

Those who give HELP without expectation receive more than what is supposed to be expected.

Well, that’s life. It’s a constant struggle.

I have been in constant struggle in internet marketing from 2008 and building my own information marketing business was not at all easy.

I hit various road blocks on the way, just like you are hitting right now.

Falling and rising was a regular routine for me but I kept myself moving because I have dedication, passion and consistency to change the world around me.

Do you have what it takes, then you are at the right door today.

I never left those 3 success ingredients (dedication, passion and consistency), no matter how many hurdles came on the way.

One of the main hurdle I stumbled across was information overload.

You will have information overload if you keep on looking for more and more ways to make money online and believe me Information Overload is the culprit of confusion and is also the cause of leaving us dis-organized.

So I decided a strategy to get rid of information overload.

You can get a free report on how you too can get rid of information overload. Download it by clicking on the link below. PDF will open in a new tab.

online marketingInformation Overload – Get Rid Of It Now!

Life is a journey that never stops but how you make it fruitful, is in your hands.

In the next few pages, please allow me to change your perception and provide you with some great ‘Ah-Ha! moments’.

I am sure you won’t get bored or else you have the choice to hit X button on the top right corner of your browser but if you want to learn basics of earning money and to know how I could help you, then let’s move on.

First setup a goal in your life to earn X amount of money per year.

Most people tell me, at-least $3000 extra per month is enough to ‘run in the race’.

That $3000 per month is $36000 per year.

Let’s take it in to a different perspective…

$36000 per year = $3000 per month

$3000 per month = $100 per day

$100 per day = $4.167 per hour (calculated based on 24 hours)

But no one works for 24 hours so let’s calculate it for 8 hours work

$100 per day = $12.5 per hour (8 hour work time)

So if $36000 per year is your goal, then 5 systems that each earn you $20 a day as profit will be enough to reach your goal.

Let’s kick off now…

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